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The One-Page RFP: How to Create Lean, Mean, and Focused RFPs

Writing a Request for Proposal (RFP) for a new software system can be complex, time-consuming, and—let’s face it—frustrating, especially if you don’t often write RFPs. The process seems dogged by endless questions, such as:

Bringing Order to Chaos – How to Structure Modular Procurements to Support Your Complete Medicaid Enterprise Procurement

As we transition from monolithic, big-bang Medicaid enterprise deployments to smaller module-based implementations, states are now presented with a challenging new question: How do you manage the multiple procurements and vendors needed to...

RFPs—Who (and What) is Driving the Bus?

Do your requests for proposals (RFPs) become all about the requirements? Yes, requirements are an important element and help shape the RFP responses, but it is important to keep a broader perspective in mind. The better job you do at presenting the...


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