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Value Acceleration Series: Recap Part Two (of Six)

We are two for two when choosing value acceleration presentation dates that align with winter storms. It turns out we may be a more reliable indicator of winter weather than Punxsutawney Phil, who has a track record of 36 percent accuracy over...

Value Acceleration Series: Recap Part One (of Six)

We held our first discussion on value acceleration on January 9th as the first of a six-part series. If you were unable to attend (because the weather was not in your favor, or if you are outside of the Portland, Maine area), or are a business...

Value Acceleration—the Gas Pedal for the Value of Your Business

Consider the implications of the following statistics:

Executive Compensation: Making or Breaking an Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP)
Executive compensation is often a contentious issue in business valuations, as business valuations are often valued by reference to the income they produce. If the business being valued pays its employees an above-market rate, its income will be...
Paid-Time-off Plans: IRS Guidelines and Why They Matter

Are you spending enough time on your paid-time-off plan?Many questions arise regarding paid-time-off (PTO) plans and the constructive receipt of income, which can cause payroll complications for employers and phantom income inclusion for...

Do you sponsor a 457(f) plan? If so, keep reading!

When it comes to offering non-qualified deferred compensation to executives of not-for-profit organizations, there aren’t many options. Your organization must follow the rules and related guidance outlined in Internal Revenue Code Sections 457...

New IRS Audit Techniques Guide on Nonqualified Deferred Comp: Good News for Section 409A Compliance?

The IRS recently issued its Nonqualified Deferred Compensation Audit Techniques Guide. Practitioners and employers who have been grappling with the complexities and draconian penalties of Internal Revenue Code Section 409A were hopeful that the...

And You Thought Forms W-2 Were Fun? New ACA Forms Are Even Better!

Every January, employers scramble to get their required Forms W-2 prepared and sent out to their employees. Well, get ready, because starting in January 2016—only 10 months from now—applicable large employers (ALEs) will be required to complete and...

Be Wary of New IRA Rollover Limitation

In 2014, the Tax Court issued a ruling that overturned over 30 years of IRS guidance and practice. The ruling concerned how often a person may use the 60-day tax-free rollover rule to roll amounts from one Individual Retirement Account (IRA) to...

Look-Back Rules Can Mitigate the "Pay or Play" Penalties Under the ACA

It may feel like old news by now but the Affordable Care Act (ACA) is only in the early stages of a long rollout. When it comes to “play or pay” penalties, you may be at the beginning of your decision-making process.


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