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Blockchain in Government: Advice from Leaders at the Illinois Blockchain Initiative

Revolutionizing the way information is stored and received, blockchain is one of the most influential technologies of the past decade. Mostly known for its success with the digital payment system, Bitcoin, blockchain also has potential to...

SaaS: Is it right for you? Making SaaS determinations a snap.

While new software applications help you speed up processes and operations, deciding which ones will work best for your organization can quickly evolve into analysis paralysis, as there are so many considerations.

How Healthy is Your Organization’s HIPAA Compliance?

Over the course of its day-to-day operations, every organization acquires, stores, and transmits Protected Health Information (PHI), including names, email addresses, phone numbers, account numbers, and social security numbers.

We’re Live! Now What?

Because we’ve been through this process many times, we’ve learned a few lessons and determined some best practices. Here are some tips to help you promote a positive post go-live experience.

The road to go-live is paved with good intentions. When...

Don’t Worry, Just Assess: Eight Tips for Reducing “Go-Live” Stress

We all know them. In fact, you might be one of them — people who worry the words “go live” will lead to job loss (theirs). This feeling is not entirely irrational. When an organization is ready to go live from an existing legacy system to a new...

Into The Wild: Building a Business Case for a New Enterprise Project

There’s a good chance that your organization is being forced to do more with less under the strain of budget constraints and competing initiatives. It’s a matter of survival. You need to present decision-makers with well-thought-out and targeted...

Avoid Costly Mistakes: Four Questions You Must Answer Before Purchasing Large Software Systems

We’ve all heard stories about organizations spending thousands on software projects that take longer than expected and exceed original budgets. One of the reasons this occurs is that organizations often don’t realize that purchasing a large,...

Planning for Enterprise Technology Projects: Five Easy Tips to Increase Your Likelihood of Success

It can be challenging and stressful to plan for technology initiatives, especially those that involve and impact every area of your organization. Common initiatives include software upgrades or replacements, such as systems for financial...

Moving to Electronic Plan Submittal and Review: Three Things to Consider

Online banking? Check. Online shopping? You bet. Online permit application submittal? What? Actually, yes. As Americans are becoming more and more accustomed to performing everyday functions online, local governments are evolving and keeping up with...


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