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7 Steps to Take the Anxiety and Annoyance out of an Audit Firm Transition

We know, both from our experience as external auditors (all of us) and years of experience working in private sector firms (many of us), that changing audit firms can be a painful process. NOTE: if you’re a current BerryDunn client, feel free to...

CFOs for Hire: The next trend in temporary help?

The increasing use of temporary and contract employees at many levels continues to infiltrate the corporate world. Does this growth translate to the executive suite? In particular, the domain of the CFO?

How to Attract and Retain Workers in a Seller’s Market

Retiring Baby Boomers and the competition for skilled workers of any age mean employers need to use new strategies to transfer institutional knowledge and maintain a thriving workforce.

Crisis Averted: Six Steps to Take if Your CEO Leaves Abruptly

Do you know what would happen to your company if your CEO suddenly died? Or got seriously ill? Or had to resign immediately for personal reasons? These scenarios, while rare, do happen, and many companies are not prepared. In fact, only 40...

Making the Transition from Controller to CFO: 7 Keys to Success

So you want to be a chief financial officer?

Can a Work/Life Balance Contribute to Professional Ethics?

Several members of the BerryDunn Tax Group recently attended the Work-Life Balance & Ethical Leadership event featuring Alicia Grasfeder, sponsored by the Maine Society of CPAs. Ms. Grasfeder, a prominent speaker on ethics, has hands-on experience...

Happy Earth Day! What Can We Do?

As I’m sure many of you are aware today is Earth Day and I wanted to get people at BerryDunn and in other organizations, thinking about our impact and what we can do to minimize it.

From the Managing Principal: The Rising Cost of Nonsense Per Capita

Early man had no time for what I refer to euphemistically as “nonsense.” My grandmother called it “foolishness,” and Gram was awesome, so I use the terms interchangeably. Early man spent his short life foraging, scavenging, and hunting while fending...

Leadership Learning: Five Tenets that Challenge and Create Leaders

This May I have the honor of graduating from the Phi class of the Maine Development Foundation’s Leadership Maine program. Through this nine-month odyssey, I have been joined by 45 shipmates who have educated, challenged, and supported my journey...

From the Managing Principal: I Am No Procrastinator, Thank You

In a popular lecture called, “The Power of Procrastination,” Dr. Jorge Cham says, "Procrastination gets a bad rap because it gets confused with laziness. Laziness is when you don't want to do anything. Procrastination is when you just don't want to...


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