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The People Component: Why Higher Education Institutions Should Focus on Staff When Implementing an ERP System

The relationship between people, processes, and technology is as elemental as earth — and older than civilization. From the first sharpened rock to the Internet of Things, the three have been crucially intertwined and interdependent. There would...

New Federal Perkins Loan Update

NEW UPDATE October 2017:

The Federal Perkins Loan Program expiration date has passed without extension and now the countdown is on for the program wind-down. On October 6, the Department of Education issued a Dear Colleague Letter, GEN-17-10,...

Does Change Have to Be Scary? Assessing Organizational Readiness for Enterprise Systems

We humans have a complex attitude toward change. In one sense, we like finding it. For instance: “Now I can buy something from the vending machine!” In reality, we try to avoid change as much as possible. Why? Because it’s frightening. Consider...

Avoid Costly Mistakes: Four Questions You Must Answer Before Purchasing Large Software Systems

We’ve all heard stories about organizations spending thousands on software projects that take longer than expected and exceed original budgets. One of the reasons this occurs is that organizations often don’t realize that purchasing a large,...

Process Mapping

Take a moment to think of this question: Who are your customers?  Did you answer with the following?

Are U Ready for Cloud ERP?

Campuses across the country have been talking about cloud computing for close to a decade. Cloud solutions have been touted as cheaper, faster, and more agile. Yet many higher education organizations are still reluctant to commit to a cloud offering...

Security Breach at National Center for Charitable Statistics Affects Forms 990 Filers—Change Your Password

If your organization files a Form 990 or Form 990-EZ or Form 990-N online, hackers may have gained access to your username and password from the filing systems at the National Center for Charitable Statistics (NCCS). We at BerryDunn, along with the...

Lessons from a Flight Instructor: Preparing and Communicating for Change

When it comes to flying and aerobatics, people usually think they’re pretty cool. Yet for most, aerobatics is also foreign territory and kinda scary. To be clear, aerobatics is not about thrill-seeking, although understandably some may not see the...

From Blueprint to Building—Framing Out the Strategic Technology Plan

The architect who designed our house told me, “It’s easy to change the plans. The real work starts when you have to build it.” So it is with technology plans. Concepts on paper are the beginning. The real work comes putting concepts into practice.


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