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How to identify and prepare change management coaches

If you’ve been tasked with leading a high-impact project for your organization, you may find managing the scope, budget and schedule is not enough to ensure project success—especially when you encounter resistance to change. When embarking on...

Dollars and Sense: Managing the Human Aspect of Change

You may have heard it said that “the only constant is change.” While this is true, we also know in practical terms that change can be unsettling. Whether it be the change experienced from a deployment of additional modules with an existing...

Lessons from a Flight Instructor: Preparing and Communicating for Change

When it comes to flying and aerobatics, people usually think they’re pretty cool. Yet for most, aerobatics is also foreign territory and kinda scary. To be clear, aerobatics is not about thrill-seeking, although understandably some may not see the...


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