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ACA Employer Mandate Penalty Notices: Don’t Panic!

Four steps to take if you get an ACA Tax Penalty Notice from the IRS

Good News, Bad News on ACA Forms 1094-C and 1095-C

IRS encourages continued (albeit) late filing of the 2015 ACA Forms and will waive penalty IF you had made an attempt to file on time.

Governance Structure as an Indicator of Success for State Agencies Working with Vendors

As we work with states and vendors to implement Medicaid and other complex systems, an initial success indicator we evaluate is the governance structure for the project.

Testing Tools: Getting the Right Fit

You have spent months designing your system and now you need to confirm that the delivered product meets the required standards, regulations, and configuration specifications. It is time to test.

Flipping the Switch: Is Your MMIS Ready for Go-Live?

With every Medicaid Management Information System (MMIS) implementation there comes the need to assess and validate overall production readiness for go-live. Verifying that the MMIS providers, members, project stakeholders, and end users are all...

When It Comes to RFP Requirements, More Is Not Always Better

The scenario is simple enough. Your organization needs an online system to meets its business needs—selling a product, offering a service, or enrolling members for health insurance. You want to hire a vendor to develop this system, and you set out...

Damn the Torpedoes? Know How to Fight the Battle When Securing Medicaid Systems

Securing an IT system is not an easy task. The more complex the system, the more difficult it is to secure. Of course, creating a secure baseline is a good idea, but who has time for that? We often hear, “We need to get that system up and...

I’ve Completed my State Self-Assessment—Now What Do I Do?

As the Project Manager for the West Virginia MITA 3.0 State Self-Assessment (SS-A) project, I have learned many valuable lessons on how states can use their SS-As as planning tools to help mature their organizations.

And You Thought Forms W-2 Were Fun? New ACA Forms Are Even Better!

Every January, employers scramble to get their required Forms W-2 prepared and sent out to their employees. Well, get ready, because starting in January 2016—only 10 months from now—applicable large employers (ALEs) will be required to complete and...

Look-Back Rules Can Mitigate the "Pay or Play" Penalties Under the ACA

It may feel like old news by now but the Affordable Care Act (ACA) is only in the early stages of a long rollout. When it comes to “play or pay” penalties, you may be at the beginning of your decision-making process.


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