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Four Tips for Choosing a FAIR Expert Witness

Approximately 80% of civil cases involve an expert witness. The courts are increasingly critical of experts who advocate for clients’ positions rather than presenting independent analysis. Having an unbiased expert who develops defendable positions can be a critical factor in your case.

Here are four tips to consider when choosing an expert witness who puts quality and objectivity first:

  1. Familiar – Does the expert understand the facts of the case and have experience with the subject matter? Look for a logical approach that can be easily explained and addresses the issue at hand.
  2. Accessible – Expertise doesn’t always equate with excellent communication skills. Does the expert have the ability to explain complex concepts in clear language and an accessible tone?
  3. Independent – Is the expert free of outside biases? Do a thorough conflict check. Make sure there are no surprises for you, your client, or your expert by reviewing past work and presentations.
  4. Recognized – Is the expert recognized in the community and by credentialing organizations as an expert? Look for a strong range of technical skills, specific knowledge, experience, education, and training.

Keep a list of experts for when the need arises. Including BerryDunn's Valuation team on your “go-to” list gives you FAIR and top-notch experts for your case.


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