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Seth Webber

Seth Webber, a Principal and head of BerryDunn's Valuation Group, provides valuation and consultation to clients in a wide range of industries. Seth is experienced in strategic planning, mergers and acquisitions planning and execution, and program management.
Value acceleration series: Planning and execution (part four of five)

So far in our value acceleration series, we have talked about increasing the value of your business and building liquidity into your life starting with taking inventory of where you are at and aligning values, reducing risk, and increasing...

Value acceleration series: recap part three (of five)

What are the top three areas of improvement right now for your business? I asked this question of 20 business leaders and advisors on Wednesday morning (March 13th) during the third session of our value acceleration series. In this discussion, we...

Value acceleration series: recap part two (of five)

We are two for two when choosing value acceleration presentation dates that align with winter storms. It turns out we may be a more reliable indicator of winter weather than Punxsutawney Phil, who has a track record of 36 percent accuracy over...

Value acceleration series: recap part one (of five)

We held our first discussion on value acceleration on January 9th as the first of a five-part series. If you were unable to attend (because the weather was not in your favor, or if you are outside of the Portland, Maine area), or are a business...

Value acceleration—the gas pedal for the value of your business

Consider the implications of the following statistics:

Executive Compensation: Making or Breaking an Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP)
Executive compensation is often a contentious issue in business valuations, as business valuations are often valued by reference to the income they produce. If the business being valued pays its employees an above-market rate, its income will be...
Four Tips for Choosing a FAIR Expert Witness

Approximately 80% of civil cases involve an expert witness. The courts are increasingly critical of experts who advocate for clients’ positions rather than presenting independent analysis. Having an unbiased expert who develops defendable positions...

Supermarkets and Succession Planning: Lessons Learned from Market Basket

What can a trip to the supermarket teach us about the need for succession planning? It was hard, if not impossible, to avoid stories on the Market Basket dispute that erupted over the summer. The company's crisis was unprecedented on a number of...

What Do ESOPs, Motorcycles, and the DOL Have in Common?

Valuation is at issue in an ESOP. It is the central issue: How much is the company worth? The answer to this question establishes the transaction price and the shares that are, in turn, owned by the trust.

A Buy-Sell Agreement is Your Safety Net—Will it Work?

A buy-sell agreement should work like a safety net. You want it on hand for when—or if—you’ll need it. In most cases, you don’t need it until long after you first created it, making it quite likely that some conditions will be different, whether...


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