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Matthew Litz

Matthew Litz is a Principal and member of the firm’s Tax Consulting and Compliance Group, serving corporate and individual tax clients with federal and state tax planning and compliance. His experience includes the identification of federal tax planning opportunities, focusing on tax accounting methods and periods and international corporate taxation.
Sales & Use Tax: A Potential Trap for Non-U.S. Entities

A common pitfall for inbound sellers is applying the same concepts used to adopt “no tax” positions made for federal income tax purposes to determinations concerning sales and use tax compliance. Although similar conceptually, separate analyses...

Featured on Forbes: Tax Inversions and Tax Reform, A BerryDunn Perspective

Whether you see tax inversions as unpatriotic or as good business, tax reform and policies for US growth could address foreign companies’ competitive advantage.

In Memoriam: Digital Assets of the Departed

Increasingly, our digital assets (email accounts, Facebook pages, online bank accounts, and any other online presence) have become intrinsic to our everyday lives. But what happens to them when we die?

Click-through and Affiliate Nexus in Maine

Until recently, the concepts of “click-through nexus” and “affiliate nexus” remained within the exclusive purview of tax practitioners. The headlines regarding and tax legislation being debated in Congress and state legislatures, however,...

The Sky is the Limit: Taxing the Cloud

Does your business provide cloud-based computing services to customers in various states or outside the country? If so, your business may unknowingly be subject to sales tax and use tax in the jurisdictions where your customers are located, and you...

A New Hat for Phil

By now, many of you will have heard or read Phil Mickelson’s quote about taxes: “If you add up all the federal and you look at the disability and the unemployment and the social security and the state, my rate’s 62, 63 percent…So, I’ve got to make...


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