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Doug Rowe

As a Senior Manager with BerryDunn’s Government Consulting Group, Doug wears many hats. Doug has broad experience working with information technology, spanning disciplines such as project management, enterprise software system deployment, quality assurance, curriculum development, and technology support. Formerly a small business owner, Doug has played critical consulting roles in support of state and local government specifically related to the justice and public safety domain.
Grappling with Software Gaps

Your government agency just signed the contract to purchase and implement a shiny new commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) software to replace your aging legacy software. The project plan and schedule are set; the vendor is ready to begin...

Change Management: Keeping Employees Motivated During Multiyear Projects

People are naturally resistant to change. Employees facing organizational change that will impact day-to-day operations are no exception, and they can feel threatened or fearful of what that change will bring. Even more challenging are multiyear...

Getting Millennial with It: How State and Local Governments Can Recruit and Retain a New Generation of Workers

As more state and local government workers enter retirement, state and local agencies are becoming more dependent on millennial workers — the largest and most educated generation of workers in American history. But there is a serious gap between...

Should project management be an inside job?

Seven things state agencies must consider when thinking about project management for large, complex, multi-year implementations

Striking a balance: public right of access to court records vs. the privacy rights of individuals

Electronic accessibility in every aspect of modern life has increased ten-fold, but government — and courts in particular — has been slow to follow.

History Lesson The idea that criminal court proceedings are accessible by the public is a pillar...

Is Your Court Still Using Morse Code as a Form Of Electronic Signature?

The current problem in our court systems: The use of electronic signatures in a court setting is sporadic and has yet to significantly reduce the amount of paper being circulated and stored (or the amount of electronic storage required for archived...

Can Health Insurance Reduce Recidivism? Collaboration between Health Care and Corrections Agencies Offers Hope

Benjamin Franklin was famous for saying, "In this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes.” In today’s world, we may consider adding a third constant to Franklin’s quote: “…and the need for health care.”


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