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Brad Hanscom

Brad Hanscom is a Manager in BerryDunn’s Government Consulting Group with more than ten years of experience working in state government as a manager and analyst. Brad, a certified PMP, performs project management, coordination, data collection, research, and report writing to help document state business processes. He is currently providing request for proposal writing, project management and coordination, project advisory, and project oversight services to clients in three states.
Meet Deadlines and Cut Costs: Five Steps to Faster Contract Negotiations

State governments regularly negotiate contracts with vendors. Unfortunately, these negotiations are often prolonged, which can have major downstream effects on projects, procurements, and implementations—including skewed timelines, delayed...

The Pros and Cons of Pre-Contract Gap Analyses

When an organization wants to select and implement a new software solution, the following process typically occurs:

Untapped Potential: Microbreweries Use Legal Scrutiny to Erode the Three-Tier System

In July 2016, we wrote about how the booming microbrewery scene in Maine is shaking up the three-tier system of alcohol distribution, which dates back to the 1930s.

Microbreweries and the debate on the three-tier system

There is plenty of media coverage of Maine’s, and specifically Portland’s, burgeoning microbrew scene. It’s good economic development and complements the already established “foodie” scene Portland is renowned for. What’s more, microbrewers are...

Involving all Stakeholders in Process Improvement is Critical to Success

I recently read an article about a new claims disability process at the U.S. Veteran’s Administration. Under a new rule mandating standardized forms for the application of benefits, handwritten, non-standardized applications for claims are no longer...

DMVs Get Rolling on Tolling

When I worked at the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) in New York, we would frequently get callers looking for EZ Pass (the pre-paid toll road account in New York and other states) information. We routinely told them that we had no affiliation...

State Regulation of Marijuana: A New Substance to Regulate, but Familiar Planning Processes Are Underway

The last two years for the Washington State Liquor Control Board (WSLCB) have been quite a journey. The WSLCB’s duties have shifted from selling liquor (spirits) to not selling spirits, and managing the licensing processes required for others to...

What Is the Best Way for the DMV to Modernize?

Many state departments of motor vehicles (DMVs) still rely on “mainframe computers” as part of their legacy system environments. Visions of 1950s era cabinet computers filling a room may not be far off. As DMV systems continue to age, and...

Eighty Years After Prohibition: Are Liquor Control Jurisdictions Keeping Up?

You know the slogan “Change or die”—it can apply to any organization in its quest to stay relevant, meet sales goals, and grow, just as it applies to those who like to consider themselves as evolving. Organizations need to adapt or face being left...


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