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Bill Richardson

Bill, a certified PMP, is a Principal in BerryDunn’s Government Consulting Group. Along with his extensive Medicaid experience, Bill has a significant background in implementation management, meeting health care reform requirements. His experiences with Medicaid enterprises include spearheading the design and development of an MMIS system, leading a group of professionals to implement a multi-payer health care claims back-end processing system, and serving as a consultant for multiple clients.
Health Policy Is Driving Innovation: Inspired News From NASHP

Reflecting on this year's National Academy for State Health Policy’s (NASHP) State Health Policy Conference in Jacksonville, Florida, I am amazed by all the recent healthcare innovations, which are resulting in policies with real and positive...

Top Three Takeaways: 2017 NASHP Conference

After working with state health policy for seven years and Medicaid for 16, I had the opportunity for the first time to attend the 30th Annual National Association of State Health Policy (NASHP) Conference on October 23–25, 2017. Here are my top...

Bringing Order to Chaos – How to Structure Modular Procurements to Support Your Complete Medicaid Enterprise Procurement

As we transition from monolithic, big-bang Medicaid enterprise deployments to smaller module-based implementations, states are now presented with a challenging new question: How do you manage the multiple procurements and vendors needed to...

Access to Care Review Monitoring Plan: Be Ready for July 1

As Medicaid agencies work to take advantage of Healthcare reform to provide better outcomes for their members they must continue to look forward to what is on the horizon. The next item that needs to be on your to do list by July 1, 2016? The...

Don’t be Caught with a Rouchefoucauld in Your Government IT Project

Do you remember the 1983 movie, Trading Places? There is a scene in which Dan Akroyd’s character Louis tries to pawn a Rouchefoucald watch. Describing all the watch’s features—it tells time in London, Rome, Beverly Hills, New York, and Gstaad...

An Email Surprise: Mechanized Claims Processing and Info Retrieval Systems “90/10”

Have you ever received an email that you think is pretty mundane only to open it and have your socks knocked off? That recently happened to me when I received an email about a notice of proposed rule-making (NPRM) related to mechanized claims...

CMS Extends Enhanced Funding for Eligibility Systems, A Great Opportunity to Modernize Your State’s Eligibility System

You didn’t miss your opportunity! The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services’ (HHS) extension of enhanced funding for state eligibility and enrollment systems means there are still great opportunities to modernize your state’s eligibility...

Continuous Medicaid Eligibility for Newly Eligible Adults: The Next Big Thing?

In May 2013, CMS released guidance on a series of targeted enrollment strategies to streamline Medicaid enrollment and reduce the administrative burden of expanding Medicaid. Of the five strategies suggested by CMS, only one, continuous eligibility...

Hospital-Based Presumptive Eligibility: Communication is Critical to Successful Implementation

What is Hospital-Based Presumptive Eligibility? Although the “individual mandate” and Medicaid expansion have captured the headlines related to the Affordable Care Act (ACA), another challenging state policy requirement went into effect on January...

Approaching the ACA Deadline: Wide Awake

I’ve returned to my home state of Minnesota after attending another great Medicaid Enterprise Systems Conference (thanks, NESCSO!). I’ve had time to reflect on all the people I met, discussions I had, and sessions I attended.


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