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Bill Brown

Bill Brown is a Principal in BerryDunn’s Government Consulting Group. Bill assists clients with financial compliance, risk management, and information security services. His background in audit and forensic accounting provides an informed foundation for services including budget analysis, cost allocation, revenue management, Health Insurance Exchange audits, and information security assessments. Bill utilizes his experience to successfully translate needs for compliance into practical, collaborative projects with the highest degree of accountability.
Untapped Economic Power: Financial Literacy and Immigrants

Anyone think Maine needs economic help? Have you ever heard of “low-hanging fruit”? I have a suggestion for a high-return social and economic investment: financial literacy for immigrants and refugees. If you ever get the chance to hear a...

Embezzlement rising in Maine: Our fraud investigator considers the causes

I often have the same reaction to statistics on increasing financial crime that I do to statistics on disease: Are we simply doing a better job of identifying a problem that already existed at the same level, perhaps for a long time? The recent...


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