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What’s in a name? A lot, if you manage a benefit plan.

This blog is the first in a series to help employee benefit plan fiduciaries better understand their responsibilities and manage the risks of non-compliance with ERISA requirements.

Value acceleration series: Planning and execution (part four of five)

So far in our value acceleration series, we have talked about increasing the value of your business and building liquidity into your life starting with taking inventory of where you are at and aligning values, reducing risk, and increasing...

Data is a four-letter word. Governance is not.

“The world is one big data problem,” says MIT scientist and visionary Andrew McAfee.

Creating a culture of cybersecurity awareness

Best practices for educating your financial institution’s board of directors on cybersecurity

The language of fundraising: A primer for NFP board members

Not-for-profit board members need to wear many hats for the organization they serve. Every board member begins their term with a different set of skills, often chosen specifically for those unique abilities. As board members, we often assist the...

How to identify and prepare change management coaches

If you’ve been tasked with leading a high-impact project for your organization, you may find managing the scope, budget and schedule is not enough to ensure project success—especially when you encounter resistance to change. When embarking on...


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