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New Federal Perkins Loan Update

NEW UPDATE October 2017:

The Federal Perkins Loan Program expiration date has passed without extension and now the countdown is on for the program wind-down. On October 6, the Department of Education issued a Dear Colleague Letter, GEN-17-10,...

Six Steps to Gain Speed on Collections

Follow these six steps to help your senior living organization improve cash flow, decrease days in accounts receivable, and reduce write offs.

GOP Proposed Tax Framework Released: Here’s What to Look For

By now you have probably heard or read about the GOP’s proposed framework — their effort to re-write tax legislation and implement some of the most significant tax reform in decades.

Be Prepared: Hit the right notes and avoid an implementation scramble when preparing for COSO

Are you in control? Preparing the internal control documentation required by the COSO framework can be difficult and daunting for some financial institutions. In our work with clients who are preparing to meet COSO requirements, we see a handful...

Protecting Your Identity in the Age of Insanity

Of course, we’re all suffering from “data breach fatigue.” But some breach announcements carry considerably more risk to the victim than others. For example, if I had received a letter saying a credit card of mine had been compromised, the end...

Transforming Your Government Healthcare Agency through Leadership Training: A Business Analysis Approach

The Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines leadership as having the capacity to lead. Though modest in theory, the concept of leadership permeates all industries and is a building block for every organization’s success. Too often, however,...

Getting Millennial with It: How State and Local Governments Can Recruit and Retain a New Generation of Workers

As more state and local government workers enter retirement, state and local agencies are becoming more dependent on millennial workers — the largest and most educated generation of workers in American history. But there is a serious gap between...

We’re All in This Together: How to Identify Stakeholders and Achieve Project Success

Have you ever had a project derail at the last minute, or discovered that a project’s return on investment did not meet projections? These types of issues happen in the final stages of a project, often as a result of incorrect or incomplete...

Reflections on MESC 2017

The MESC “B’more for healthcare innovation” is now behind us. This annual Medicaid conference is a great marker of time, and we remember each by location: St. Louis, Des Moines, Denver, Charleston… and now, Baltimore. The conference is not only a...

The Four C's of Project Sponsorship

Here’s a challenge for you: Can you identify the number one predictor of project success?


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