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The Four C's of Project Sponsorship

Here’s a challenge for you: Can you identify the number one predictor of project success?

Check this: CMS checklists aren’t just for MMIS anymore.

A year ago, CMS released the Medicaid Enterprise Certification Toolkit (MECT) 2.1: a new Medicaid Management Information Systems (MMIS) Certification approach that aligns milestone reviews with the systems development life cycle (SDLC) to provide...

Building “Financial Fitness” for the Long Haul: Six Tips for Long-Term Care and Other Senior Living Providers

Today’s senior living providers must ensure that their mission and vision for the future are built on a healthy financial plan and structure. Here are some things you should know to build just that.

America’s senior living industry includes a...

GASB 81: Five Quick Steps to Irrevocable Split-Interest Agreement Success

While GASB has been talking about split-interest agreements for a long time (the proposal first released in June of 2015, with GASB Statement No. 81, Irrevocable Split-Interest Agreements released in March of 2016), time is quickly running out...

Be Prepared: Hit the right notes and avoid an implementation scramble when preparing for COSO

Are you in control? Preparing the internal control documentation required by the COSO framework can be difficult and daunting for some financial institutions. In our work with clients who are preparing to meet COSO requirements, we see a handful...

A Strong Password: Simple but Powerful Protection

Data breaches continue to make headlines as more and more organizations find themselves vulnerable to evolving threats. These incidents often lead to financial losses and PR nightmares. According to the 2017 Verizon Data Breach Report“81% of...

We’re Live! Now What?

Because we’ve been through this process many times, we’ve learned a few lessons and determined some best practices. Here are some tips to help you promote a positive post go-live experience.

The road to go-live is paved with good intentions. When...

Stay Safe and Secure when Traveling

The following is an excerpt of our new E-book, "Unhacked and Uncompromised: Keep Safe and Secure while Traveling", available now. You can download the complete e-book here

Make Midstream Project Changes a Walk on the Beach: The Change Control Process

Some days, social media seems nothing more than a blur of easily forgettable memes. Yet certain memes keep reappearing to the point where we have no choice but to remember them. Remember the one that displays various images of oceans or forests...

ACA Employer Mandate Penalty Notices: Don’t Panic!

Four steps to take if you get an ACA Tax Penalty Notice from the IRS


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