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Stay Safe and Secure when Traveling

The following is an excerpt of our new E-book, "Unhacked and Uncompromised: Keep Safe and Secure while Traveling", available now. You can download the complete e-book here

Make Midstream Project Changes a Walk on the Beach: The Change Control Process

Some days, social media seems nothing more than a blur of easily forgettable memes. Yet certain memes keep reappearing to the point where we have no choice but to remember them. Remember the one that displays various images of oceans or forests...

ACA Employer Mandate Penalty Notices: Don’t Panic!

Four steps to take if you get an ACA Tax Penalty Notice from the IRS

New Lease and Revenue Recognition Rules: Mutually Exclusive

We have talked about the two recent GAAP updates for years now: 1) changes to the lease accounting and 2) changes to revenue recognition standards. We have speculated what the outcomes are going to be and how they will affect the financial...

Don’t Worry, Just Assess: Eight Tips for Reducing “Go-Live” Stress

We all know them. In fact, you might be one of them — people who worry the words “go live” will lead to job loss (theirs). This feeling is not entirely irrational. When an organization is ready to go live from an existing legacy system to a new...

Extra Information for GASB organizations: The Materiality Box – How to Lessen Information Overload on Your Financial Statements

Recently the Governmental Accounting Standards Board (GASB) finished its Governmental Accounting Research System (GARS), a full codification of governmental accounting standards. The completion of the project allows preparers easy access to...

Does Change Have to Be Scary? Assessing Organizational Readiness for Enterprise Systems

We humans have a complex attitude toward change. In one sense, we like finding it. For instance: “Now I can buy something from the vending machine!” In reality, we try to avoid change as much as possible. Why? Because it’s frightening. Consider...

You Think Patch Management makes you “Wanna’ Cry”? Try “Not Patching”.

The adage “You can’t afford to advertise, but you can’t afford not to” could well be applied to patch management. The  WannaCry/WannaCrypt ransomware malware attack that has spread across the globe has highlighted the need for keeping Windows OS...

Into The Wild: Building a Business Case for a New Enterprise Project

There’s a good chance that your organization is being forced to do more with less under the strain of budget constraints and competing initiatives. It’s a matter of survival. You need to present decision-makers with well-thought-out and targeted...

The New Revenue Recognition Rules: Contractors, Are You Ready for Tax Implications?

The good news? When it comes to revenue recognition, tax law isn’t changing. The bad news? Thanks to new revenue recognition rules, book to tax differences are changing. And because tax prep generally starts with book income, this means that the...


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